Sculpted – May 18, 2019

The ugliness I’ve sculpted, Plain and simply, me. Escaping the whirlwind that returns, Unknown. Seeing the beauty Encapsulated by your life, Breaks my heart And sucks me back in. Treasured memories Are few between. Swept away by The dependable wind. Will we meet again? Will we know each other? The ugliness I’ve sculpted, Plain and … Continue reading Sculpted – May 18, 2019

Normal – March 21, 2019

I’m not objective. how could I be? Always my own cheerleader. Everything’s great,  I’ve got this,  No problem. Fake it till you break it. Sit down,  strap up, and  hold on. It’s not... You don’t... you’re hurt... It’s ok, the good news is,  You’re normal.

Cloaked – May 14, 2019

This family, Is not mine Un-included Far away Distant thought Touches down Separate the pain Packed into boxes The picture drawn Delicate Rage placed  Just out of sight Between the lines Stippled over An artists piece Studied You’ll find me there Emotions checked Hiding inside The beauty drawn On the page  In front of you.