Curtain Call – December 9, 2020

Sitting in the moon light So I can see you In it’s gaze Laying down And breathing in Until it hurts Releasing The madness Pouring out Into a mist All around us Floating Like bees in the dark Leading the blind And Misplaced It has always been me You truly see In the gaze Of … Continue reading Curtain Call – December 9, 2020

Mazed – December 1, 2020

Rolling in the hills That surround my home Bleeding out the front door Skipping beside you Down the front path Only stopping In the middle To take in everything Arms raised, opened To the vast unknown Nothingness I look for you A feeling That’s agitating And comfortable I sit stagnant In my chair In the … Continue reading Mazed – December 1, 2020

It’s Complicated – October 22, 2020

Softly Blaring my name Fingering my way to the post Where you are Where you stood Lost and lonely Inside the beginning That was once you I can’t make out Your shadow It’s too big Confounding the shape I saw and knew Floating Past me Into an enigma Of love and hate I hold So … Continue reading It’s Complicated – October 22, 2020

Counting Worms – September 26, 2020

We’ve talked often But this This Was more intimate She held me And caressed My stained soul Something no other living being Had done Staring into her eyes She made me feel whole All of the problems in the world Were suddenly still A temptress at her best I squandered in her presence Marveling At … Continue reading Counting Worms – September 26, 2020