Where Your Green Eyes Grow – March 11, 2020

Your green eyes

Are what I remember


In the forests I’ve wandered

The wildflowers Still bloom

But you

Are not here to see them

I follow the rocky path

Stepping on stones

Feeling the cold waters

Rush between my toes


Distracting me

From finding you


If I could only


To where we were

In the forest

That day

Once more

25 thoughts on “Where Your Green Eyes Grow – March 11, 2020

      1. I believe you, dear !

        There are many things i would like to ask you. Let’s say your opinion or thoughts on some “metaphysical”things. I feel a bit embarrassed, though. On the other hand, i don’t know how appropriate would be during this turbulence to ask questions of this nature. Take care, dear.


      2. Don’t ever be embarrassed of something you’d like to ask somebody, just ask away and then the ball is in their court to reply or not…we are all just humans doing the best we can. And I do believe in a time like right now, we all should just ask. I’d be happy to do my best to give my opinion :). I hope you are taking care and staying heathy.

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    1. Good morning! Thank you! You are spot on to how I feel, I’ve always known there was sadness imbedded in my pieces, and I’m just now starting to see the love really shining through them too. That is exactly how I feel about my mom. Thank you always for you kind words ❤️.


  1. What a match your words and image. I’m lately musing on this kind of thoughts. Not that I don’t like my life now, I love it better than any time before; yet, some things, scenes, scenarios… Right? Thank you, Doree.

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    1. Aw, yes. I too love my life right now, but I think it’s the simplicity of an intense love that draws me to these places. I used to fight it because it would make me so sad, but am learning that sadness is just a part of me, and it’s just as beautiful as the rest. I cannot thank people like you enough for helping me to see this…


      1. Sadness is a part of every human being. We have a right to feel it, as well as anger and happiness. So you do well to dwell in it if it helps you get by or whatever, always knowing that it is a milestone in the process. It is another way to let go. I often have the feeling that I need to relive or get back to a certain point in my past. I literally relish that instant. For a time I thought it was bad to do it, but I know understand that it makes me feel good for the present, though contradictory as it may sound.

        You need to know that you also help me to understand many things of myself, whether it is by reading your words, looking at that image that sometimes go with them, or by interacting with you. Thank you, Doree, for this memorable interval of interaction.

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      2. I am speechless, your words hit me in a way that’s hard for me to explain. I find too that I’ve grown. I’m drawn to your art and your thoughts on the many things you share. Your drawings of nature always lure me in, and I’m not sure if the sense of sadness comes from you or me or a combination. But they are always laced with joy too. I love contradiction. I enjoy getting lost in your work…

        I am forever grateful for this bond we’ve formed 😊♥️. Thank you, as well, Olga.

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