I Would Cry – September 17, 2019

I did not cry.

Nope, not the day she died,

Or at her funeral,

Or the service held at the house.

No, I did not cry,

During our final hug goodbye.

I did not cry.

But if I were given the chance,

One more opportunity,

I would humbly

Show her all my tears, and

Share with her my fears.

And while

We bathed in my sorrow,

A pain I could not have known

I would cry, and I would cry, and I would cry…

10 thoughts on “I Would Cry – September 17, 2019

    1. Thank you for sharing my piece, lifting me up, and hearing the depth of my love. You are a wonderful human being! Don’t ever stop doing what you do! Wonderful is perfect.


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