Pieces of Forgiveness – December 22, 2021

Traipsing Inside the inklings Of time Picked up By the wanderers Who have nothing to forgive Because forgiveness itself Seems to be letting go Or so I’ve been told Inside the glimmers of light The sun will eventually Hand over the day To the moon Seemingly scattered These dreams I’ve had A million times Wandering … Continue reading Pieces of Forgiveness – December 22, 2021

Meet Me Where Our Eyes Connect – July 11, 2021

I’ve sat with it Torn it from my still beating heart Felt it slip through my finger tips And grabbed it by the hair Kicking and screaming It hurts so bad I can see the pain In other’s eyes Never returning the favor It’s there It will always be And I know I’m closer to … Continue reading Meet Me Where Our Eyes Connect – July 11, 2021

Talking to you…10/27/21

PARTS AND PIECES Sabbatical House There was this house we lived in, and it was the only house we lived in I always felt like a visitor. The sabbatical house, where nothing was really ours. The furry white rug I rolled around on, the oversized bean bags in the basement (I might have popped). The … Continue reading Talking to you…10/27/21

This is the Middle – October 6, 2021

I’m worried Because Your eyes tell a story Of space Uninterest You look through me If at me at all And sometimes I’ll find you off in the distance The only emotion you commit to Is lying down On your own sword But even then You tell me again and again You’re only Responding to … Continue reading This is the Middle – October 6, 2021

Talking to you…10/3/21

PARTS AND PIECES I Drove to You You were the only one That knew me then And I was searching somewhere For the strength to leave Heading in your direction They Should have cancelled each other out. ~~~ A box of trinkets Sat alone in the backseat Mirroring my reality I could feel them pulsating … Continue reading Talking to you…10/3/21