Talking to you…a song 5/21/19

A friend, of a friend, wrote and sang this beautiful song about letting go and meeting again. If you have ever watched someone fight to stay alive, this song will definitely bring on the those funny little things that pop out your eyes when you're happy and sad. Full of hope and light. Always Keep … Continue reading Talking to you…a song 5/21/19

Hold My Hand – May 12, 2018

The sky slurs awake, As the day begins. My eyes creep open. This weight From years gone by, Alone and heavy. You never visit me while I sleep, But surround me in sorrow In my waking hour. On edge. Inhales shallow. Eyes swollen. Unnumbered hours Have passed me by Without the scent of you. Today … Continue reading Hold My Hand – May 12, 2018

I Promise – April 30, 2019

I promise, One thing With me. You’ll never be bored. I’ll keep you guessing. On your toes. You go right? I’ll go left. Never, Will you catch up to me. I’m a moving target. Always feeling what’s on my sleeve, Roll ‘Em up, Let's get dirty. I promise, One thing With me. I’ve let go, … Continue reading I Promise – April 30, 2019