I’ll Always Be Stronger – November 15, 2019

My waves crash upon your shore With a beating You will not survive. You must run from me, And never look back. Take what you have left, Or this sweet surrender Will tear you down Leaving behind shreds of your being Scattered in my sand. Unrecognizable, To my heart. It’s up to you, But I’ll … Continue reading I’ll Always Be Stronger – November 15, 2019

All the Beautiful Colors – September 22, 2019

Subtle and pastel, Spreading across the dusky sky. Silky and gentle, Rolling into your eyes. Filling up reflections In the panes of glass. Sitting and waiting For the lone meanderer To notice, For a second, As time stands still. A choreography is done Amongst the whispering clouds. Dancing alone Feeling life spread through, And in. … Continue reading All the Beautiful Colors – September 22, 2019

Go On – September 19, 2019

Break lights Glowing red Closer than I think. Reaching out Afraid to shout Been shut down Too many times. Can’t let go Like you did So long ago. At last, I realize I’m on my own. I look away To turn my cheek, And you’re right there beside me. Does it always, go on and … Continue reading Go On – September 19, 2019

Feels – August 13, 2019

Poor tangled soul, You want And you wish. Feels, that you dream Dancing in your mind Never to touch your hands. Bring down the love From the top shelf, Is harder than it seems. Words hopscotching Through your thoughts Fade to black at your lips. Never before, Never again, Never at all. Will you experience … Continue reading Feels – August 13, 2019

Talking to you…a song 5/21/19

A friend, of a friend, wrote and sang this beautiful song about letting go and meeting again. If you have ever watched someone fight to stay alive, this song will definitely bring on the those funny little things that pop out your eyes when you're happy and sad. Full of hope and light. Always Keep … Continue reading Talking to you…a song 5/21/19

Hold My Hand – May 12, 2018

The sky slurs awake, As the day begins. My eyes creep open. This weight From years gone by, Alone and heavy. You never visit me while I sleep, But surround me in sorrow In my waking hour. On edge. Inhales shallow. Eyes swollen. Unnumbered hours Have passed me by Without the scent of you. Today … Continue reading Hold My Hand – May 12, 2018

I Promise – April 30, 2019

I promise, One thing With me. You’ll never be bored. I’ll keep you guessing. On your toes. You go right? I’ll go left. Never, Will you catch up to me. I’m a moving target. Always feeling what’s on my sleeve, Roll ‘Em up, Let's get dirty. I promise, One thing With me. I’ve let go, … Continue reading I Promise – April 30, 2019

Left Behind – April, 24, 2019

Fresh off the boat, And jipped. As the anger builds Remind yourself by the minute, The second, The every waking moment, You're suffering, An inconsolable pain. Maybe, that way, You won’t find yourself Right back where you began Thirty years the later. Searching for the pieces, A puzzle hanging in time. You’ll feel the urge … Continue reading Left Behind – April, 24, 2019