Talking to you…water 4/9/20

I hope you don’t mind, Charlypriest... This feels like a story, an intense affair with crying. It was awhile ago, and birthed in the comments back and forth between the two of us...strangers and it meant nothing...but seems to be so much more. I couldn’t let it go. A song was shared: Addict With a … Continue reading Talking to you…water 4/9/20

A New Day – March 3, 2019

The smell of the Earth brewing, Under the dead grass. Muddy snow, cracked ice. Fresh with the scent of dirt, laden with winter's toll. Promising to continue the cycle. Birds chirping, hidden in a haze from the melt. Again, we awaken with hope. Wet and soppy, shivering afresh. Reborn as the Earth emerges, alive. The … Continue reading A New Day – March 3, 2019

Attempts – January 29, 2018

I tried so hard…for you. I put my trust…in you. But now here I am, Right back where I started. Fighting so hard to feel whole. To feel the love through the anger. But you’ve imprisoned me in this space of perpetual conflict. Again, and again I reach out for you. It falls silently at … Continue reading Attempts – January 29, 2018