A Moment – April 4, 2018

Today I woke up to our youngest making his way under the covers to snuggle.

I took in the moment, but found my mind drifting away.

Off I went to my own obligations.

His warmth pulled me back.

Our son was sweetly playing a game with his hands.

I watched as he encircled his eyes and left on a journey only his imagination could supply.

Shortly after, he rolled his face up to mine. Smiled, and said, daddy has a surprise for us today.

I listened to his excited little voice explore the possibilities.

His day already made.

I knew I had a handful of chores to do, as well as, my own ongoing struggles to deal with.

It didn’t even cross his mind; in that moment, how crazy life will become when he’s grown-up. But it did for me.

It was simple, and pure.

His day would be filled with many thoughts of what the surprise might be.

And more importantly, getting to play at station number four with the purple kinetic sand.

I felt calm and happy, and whole.

That one moment lasted no longer than five minutes, but I realized this morning, it will last a lifetime in my heart.

My warm snuggler had helped me notice the present, and the little joys in life that are so often missed.

Not Today.

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