Talking to you…Little Girl 10/4/19

I wrote a stream of consciousness poem the other day in response to a post from The Alchemist Studio. For those of you who are grieving or struggling in some way or another, this is such an opportunity! Release…

I want to share my poem with you, in hopes you’ll check out A Vase of Healing, and maybe you too can participate.

My mom used to love doing things with her hands, sewing, gardening, weaving, pottery, drawing, and writing. These are all comforts I will never forget.

My poem, Little Girl, is the hurt that lives in me I could do nothing about. It is the hurt that turned so quickly into anger and stewed for decades. After much work on my part, there is still anger that bubbles up from time to time. But, now I am able to see my anger as the mask I put on to cover the deep and endless sadness I’ve carried with me from the loss of my mom. The task of dropping my mask is the strongest thing I’ve ever had to do. I know it lives in my bag of luggage, and am learning to forgive myself when it rears it’s ugly head. I apologize to my little family a lot more now…

I’m not sure what, if anything this poem will mean to you, but this is my release of that angry little girl…

Little Girl

A little girl

Lost and alone

Wanting, needing

A hand to touch hers

Helpless in a swirl of emotions

She keeps

Stirring inside

Deep down invisible

Hidden politely by

Her smile

She holds

In her pocket

So at any given moment

It can be reached

And finally forgotten

Left behind

An empty


That cradles her heart



And without guidance

The unconditional love


Searching these woods

Where they once played

The trees breathe the life

Reborn into her children

Living on

And in

Pouring out

And surrounding

The very soul

She lost

So long ago

16 thoughts on “Talking to you…Little Girl 10/4/19

  1. That little vase is magnificent! I can just imagine your mom at the wheel, feeling the clay between her fingers and making this shapely little delight! Your beautiful words pair well with this creation. I like to believe your mom made this piece too, your words and her creation bound together. Makes my eyes feel a bit watery.

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      1. Well she made a fantastic piece that has stood the test of time. She must have loved making pottery – so many details involved 😉 It si great you have something you can hold in your hand and remember her with.

        Liked by 1 person

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