Singular – July 10, 2021

The inescapable longing


Tightens in the chest and

Sometimes escapes the lips


Far beyond any day’s darkness


At the end of a rural escape

Bringing no solace

It settles in your bones

Turning you incapacitated

At the most inopportune times

Left all by yourself

It’s a part of you now

No other can touch

Because we all



9 thoughts on “Singular – July 10, 2021

  1. There is an inescapable longing in the core of every human heart that must be satisfied. These longings were placed deep within us by God to guide us back to Him, for He alone can satisfy it. When these longings are not fulfilled in God, we are left empty.

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    1. Interesting…I’ve never understood “man’s” relationship with god, and god knows I’ve tried. Is it harder to have faith in god or go it alone? It’s kind of ironic, because both ways seem hard to me…

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      1. …and bright and beautiful…nothing is truer because that’s all we have! Or at least that’s all we know we have.

        Have a wonderfully confusing, hard, bright, and beautiful day ☀️🥰

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