Opus – August 17, 2022

The little fragments of moments

When a thought creeps in

Is usually when it hits the hardest.

On levels you’ll never understand

But you could…

If maybe, you opened your mind

But we’ve been through this a thousand other times

And yet, you decide to put me in my place

Where I’ve always stayed

But one day

I’m hoping this happy

Will show me I don’t have to hide

8 thoughts on “Opus – August 17, 2022

    1. Hello…you and your words are my guilty pleasure. I want to let go, but holding on, I’m afraid, is all I’ll ever do.

      I wanted to comment on a piece of yours, but WP wasn’t letting me. It was beautiful and heart felt, as are all of your works.


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      1. Aw, thank you so much – you’re far too kind 😊

        Yes, I now moderate comments (long story I might tell one day) so it may have seemed like you couldn’t comment as you wouldn’t have been able to see it until I approve it.
        Well, either that or there is some other issue I’m not aware of! 😬

        No matter. It’s nice to hear from you either way.

        Oh, and hold fast my friend. It’s all any of us are doing if we’re honest 🖤🖤

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      2. Oooh, I’m interested. You should turn your experience into a lot of poems 😁.

        It was probably from my side…it wasn’t letting me log in…

        Your last sentence is so true. Honest…what a simple concept that seems to be so hard these days…

        Hope all is well! Keep on, keepin’ on.

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