A Dreamlike Awake – March 14, 2020

I stepped over the uprise Between the out and the in I came to a surrounding That hypnotized me I couldn’t catch my breath The sound was silence Stunned into oblivion It was everything I couldn’t imagine All my desires Of dreams Had come true I listened in the illusion I know it must be … Continue reading A Dreamlike Awake – March 14, 2020

Sleep Paralysis – March 10, 2019

Did you ever talk about it? I was scared to ask about it. It turned into the forbidden fruit, I was not tempted, Or brave, Or I didn’t want to know the truth. It hurt too bad. I pretended you were fine, as I pushed you away. Instinct took hold, sheltering my breaking heart. I wrapped … Continue reading Sleep Paralysis – March 10, 2019