Frosted Moon – February 10, 2020

Frosted moon Glowing Behind the branches Drawing my eyes up Somewhere past the skies Oh little prince Keep us young You and I Outside In the circle The world passing us by The feelings I remember Easy and whole The mark left A constant reminder Of who I was And who I’ve become Oh moonshine, … Continue reading Frosted Moon – February 10, 2020

Microcosmic Cilia – February 22, 2020

It was hard Long Before you knew it Down deep Buried amongst The microcosmic cilia Flailing Waving Frantic Needing someone to look up And hear the noise Constantly exuding It is so loud between my ears Why can’t anyone hear Hidden tears Beneath the sheets Sobbing Wailing The invisible dance Not seen Never ending Packed … Continue reading Microcosmic Cilia – February 22, 2020