Never Had A Choice – September 15, 2019

Resenting everything, after. Life seemed slow and cruel. It ate at me, Spitting me out Bit by stale bit. You left me high and dry. One thing, I revisit often now, Is that you had the choice to move And I would never. Your jovial trips and carefree holidays Will always Haunt me. Because I … Continue reading Never Had A Choice – September 15, 2019

Talking to you…Something changed 9/13/19

Something changed, and I felt it right away. Those words, IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT. The sting jump starting my heart. Choking on the exhaust bellowing from under the hood. I felt it, the choice, given to me in an instant. I can’t sugar coat the depth of the pain those words coming from your … Continue reading Talking to you…Something changed 9/13/19

Soul Catcher – May 18, 2019

Within a heartbeat, They meet. Survival of the fittest. Drawing in the who, Soul crosses body. Is it in the atmosphere, Or the garden we lay? How do we become, You or I? The love we’re given? The hate we reap? Decisions made Before allowance To understand A path chosen A choice passed by Blink … Continue reading Soul Catcher – May 18, 2019

Branches – January 12, 2018

The quiet stirs. The sad seeps in. The anger is not far behind. Now, I catch myself. I shuffle through my pocket of happy, Hoping, to quickly find a thought. Clear a new path to wander. The cycle continues, Until my path resembles the branches of a tree. Thankful for the choices it's many directions … Continue reading Branches – January 12, 2018