Empty Illusion – September 15, 2019

Open flashes Sitting behind a window Endless and untouchable. Wanting and yearning Nothing to fill the gap you’ve left. A permanent void. ~~~ I could write a thousand lines, I could feed myself all the bullshit About our perfect family, But I cannot anymore The illusion is bygone. Eaten by the knowledge Of allowing my … Continue reading Empty Illusion – September 15, 2019

Talking to you…Pocket Change

I had a weak moment, and this Poem, Pocket Change, came from it. I'm not proud. Judge away... POCKET CHANGE - March 25, 2019 You'll never buy your way into my heart. Or did you think you could? My tears aren’t worth your time? You think your pocket change should make everything shine? Keep jingling … Continue reading Talking to you…Pocket Change