A Dreamlike Awake – March 14, 2020

I stepped over the uprise Between the out and the in I came to a surrounding That hypnotized me I couldn’t catch my breath The sound was silence Stunned into oblivion It was everything I couldn’t imagine All my desires Of dreams Had come true I listened in the illusion I know it must be … Continue reading A Dreamlike Awake – March 14, 2020

My Tiny Window – November 22, 2019

Laying atop, sinking in To these soft covers Velvety fur caresses my skin Watching the world Stand still. A dark thump Hits hard and falls. The nothingness That stands in its way Reflecting light Bouncing Shapes That define something That is never Really There. How many looking glasses Stand in our way Of moving forward … Continue reading My Tiny Window – November 22, 2019

Empty Illusion – September 15, 2019

Open flashes Sitting behind a window Endless and untouchable. Wanting and yearning Nothing to fill the gap you’ve left. A permanent void. ~~~ I could write a thousand lines, I could feed myself all the bullshit About our perfect family, But I cannot anymore The illusion is bygone. Eaten by the knowledge Of allowing my … Continue reading Empty Illusion – September 15, 2019