Pickled Crow – July 26, 2019

Blankly, gazing out at you Void of everything I once knew. A pickle jar, Emptied. Tongue’s grit Rough and sore. ~~~ Don’t spoil Your sour mood, For me. Or anyone. But lick your lips, And twist tight, What you might. Until the seal stops, And your wounds have healed. ~~~ Words retracted, Or withheld. Kept … Continue reading Pickled Crow – July 26, 2019

My Reverie – June 13, 2019

The sky’s exhale takes flight, I’m drawn Beneath its branches. The law of Attraction is simple. The inexplicable Beauty of The trees breathing in the breeze. A gift of life in motion So pure, unaltered to the naked eye. Praised by The attention Of those who see. Just as it’s supposed to be, I want … Continue reading My Reverie – June 13, 2019

Last Wishes – July 15, 2019

Final goodbyes break my heart. Falling into a million shards of glass. Can’t move. Can’t breath. It’s all coming down Raining, and washing away the hurt. That falls from The unknown, And leads you to somewhere. Never of your choosing Lost in a place. A land foreign to your being. A man she once called … Continue reading Last Wishes – July 15, 2019

Lines – June 22, 2019

Smooth Running, On and on and on... ~~~ Horizon stretched tight, My heart pitter patters. A blip, Up and down, Up and down, And again. ~~~ A calming Sense of length. Streaking by On a rider’s Journey. ~~~ Yours and mine, But a dash. Continuing to travel Long after we’ve Ceased. ~~~ The rill of … Continue reading Lines – June 22, 2019

Lemonade – June 17, 2019

Do I drain you? Enfeebled, Articulating All of these letters. Strung together A welcome banner Wrenched taught Between posts. Only to point you Toward the exit, Far from this place. An escape That feels fresh And light. Go ahead, Drink the lemonade. A rush of sweetness Hits your tongue. Finding the beauty In each gulp. … Continue reading Lemonade – June 17, 2019

Traverse – June 8, 2019

The edge Traversed Is narrow. The wind blows at your back, Pushing you forward. Vacillating, You obey. Disillusioned At the audacity Used In front of your face. You could jump Ending the fear. All things. Instead, you continue To be pushed Along the edge. Not strong enough To wear your thoughts On your sleeve. As … Continue reading Traverse – June 8, 2019

River Play – June 4, 2019

Toe tip Taps the clear Chilled stream. Sending a buzz Of hair standing on end Up through My leg, As it sinks into the pool. The shock spreads, The glass of ice water Clings to my skin, Detaining the Circulation of life. My eyes shoot open, Sprinkled with a splash Of the juice From the … Continue reading River Play – June 4, 2019