River Play – June 4, 2019

Toe tip

Taps the clear

Chilled stream.

Sending a buzz

Of hair standing on end

Up through

My leg,

As it sinks into the pool.

The shock spreads,

The glass of ice water

Clings to my skin,

Detaining the

Circulation of life.

My eyes shoot open,

Sprinkled with a splash

Of the juice

From the river.

I return the refreshing


My footing slips,

And I hear


As my branches crack,


A hollow whoosh

Engulfs my body.

Giggles fly into the air,

Sprinkling down,

Wet and frigid.

I am up,

As fast as I was down.

Gathering my whereabouts

I Continue down the rocky banks

Of the mountain river,

As a heat beats from within.

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