Thirty-Two – December 5, 2019

I am not the fragile snowflake That melts upon contact With something slightly above Thirty-two I am the intricate weaving Under closer inspection A piece of life that regurgitates beauty In every aspect of its being Misunderstood or commended For the strength held within I will be seen By those who are looking I am … Continue reading Thirty-Two – December 5, 2019

I’ll Always Be Stronger – November 15, 2019

My waves crash upon your shore With a beating You will not survive. You must run from me, And never look back. Take what you have left, Or this sweet surrender Will tear you down Leaving behind shreds of your being Scattered in my sand. Unrecognizable, To my heart. It’s up to you, But I’ll … Continue reading I’ll Always Be Stronger – November 15, 2019

Forever- October 12, 2019

The movement of this water The rise and fall A disappearing act By the light That peaks in-between Ups and downs Waning from my sight Just under the horizon Displaying a brightness Of colors That play An orgasmic show Until the dusk takes over And scares it away Pulling the stars out from hiding Shooting … Continue reading Forever- October 12, 2019