Talking to you…4/14/20

PARTS AND PIECES Tree Hammock I remember it was cold, burning cold. There might have been snow on the ground. The wind was blowing, I can still feel the sting against my cheeks. Over the years the picture has faded, but the feelings have remained. Finding shelter was my first priority. As a child my … Continue reading Talking to you…4/14/20

Where Your Green Eyes Grow – March 11, 2020

Your green eyes Are what I remember Lost In the forests I’ve wandered The wildflowers Still bloom But you Are not here to see them I follow the rocky path Stepping on stones Feeling the cold waters Rush between my toes Flirting Distracting me From finding you ~~~ If I could only Return To where … Continue reading Where Your Green Eyes Grow – March 11, 2020

A Garfield Thought – January 16, 2020

Can you imagine Life without lasagna Smelling the fresh breeze Spring rolling up from under the leftover snow As the sun beats down Getting higher and higher Until sinking again Feeling fall take it’s hold Shaking it’s trunk The grasp shivering down Snow, beautiful white snow Dancing in the sky Landing in just the right … Continue reading A Garfield Thought – January 16, 2020

Crying Alone – November 26, 2019

Sitting and breaking Ice cracking Slipping into the melt Searching for a balance In this flooded space ~~~ Looking up To see this contorting face Observing the reflection Of each relentless heartache The leftovers as they Trickle down ~~~ Standing between the open air I want so desperately to sip And an honesty, I’ve kept … Continue reading Crying Alone – November 26, 2019

Blueberry Sky – December 3, 2019

It is so hard To breathe her name The plastic covers my lips Pulling the oxygen from the air No reward, just stillness Lost in everyday minutes The mundaness of days And years, so many years Collapsed into decades My mind is fading Shuffling the outside down Her attenuation Is breaking into A shrill volt … Continue reading Blueberry Sky – December 3, 2019

Thirty-Two – December 5, 2019

I am not the fragile snowflake That melts upon contact With something slightly above Thirty-two I am the intricate weaving Under closer inspection A piece of life that regurgitates beauty In every aspect of its being Misunderstood or commended For the strength held within I will be seen By those who are looking I am … Continue reading Thirty-Two – December 5, 2019

I’ll Always Be Stronger – November 15, 2019

My waves crash upon your shore With a beating You will not survive. You must run from me, And never look back. Take what you have left, Or this sweet surrender Will tear you down Leaving behind shreds of your being Scattered in my sand. Unrecognizable, To my heart. It’s up to you, But I’ll … Continue reading I’ll Always Be Stronger – November 15, 2019