Petrified Soul – July 22, 2019

Revolving, echoing The beauty sustained, In lifetimes lived. Housed in this small Vessel from the earth. Cradled, since forever. No worries or discomfort. Raw edges Basking in the ground Waiting it’s turn To be seen. Plucked from it’s burrow, Fully exposed, Bringing life, Once again, To what’s already dead.

My Reverie – June 13, 2019

The sky’s exhale takes flight, I’m drawn Beneath its branches. The law of Attraction is simple. The inexplicable Beauty of The trees breathing in the breeze. A gift of life in motion So pure, unaltered to the naked eye. Praised by The attention Of those who see. Just as it’s supposed to be, I want … Continue reading My Reverie – June 13, 2019

Shake – June 10, 2019

Drifting, As the cloud Passes by. The bird teetering Through the breeze. The gentle shake that comes From the leaves, Soothes the aching soul. Unopened eyes, And rambling To the melody Sung. Refuge found In everything That was, And is to come. But right now, As the clouds stand still In their place. Birds chirping … Continue reading Shake – June 10, 2019