Talking to you…Not alone, even if just for a moment 8/26/19

Hey, uhhhh hi. I’m kinda stumped for words, which I thought was utterly impossible. But it happened. Back to back things happened, and I’m stumbling. Interestingly enough, it’s not a rare occurrence, it’s happened on several occasions since I started this journey. But it still throws me for a loop. Sits me down, and takes away all ability to think straight. Some might say it’s God, a higher power, maybe even my mom working in the spirit world. That’d be nice, but more realistically I’ve opened my eyes, my ears, and my heart, and life is so much better that way. I think there is some kind of super power to be found in paying attention and being aware, you see more, you feel more. I’d like to share the two things with you that just happened to find there way, somehow, into my lap.

First, this weekend I came across an article, It’s Ok To Start Grieving The Death Of Your Parent 20 Years after It Happens, that left me sitting in the same place for long click of the clock. There’s somebody else out there! Even though our circumstance were different, the ramifications were very similar. So, I googled like a mad woman to try and find out more about these people that claimed the article, people who somehow new a story so close to my heart without ever meeting me. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful, but I’m not giving up!

Then, this morning I was scrolling through the World Wide Web and came across Taylor Swift’s new song Soon You’ll Get Better. It was written about Taylor’s mother’s battle with cancer. That one hit close to home! Hard to listen to those lyrics…

Now I’m just sitting here thinking to myself, it’s nice to not feel completely alone in this great big wide world. Even, if it is, just for a moment.

I hope you let yourself feel close to something today ❤️.

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