A Whimper – June 20, 2019

Startled, Eyelids spring open, Slowly closing into a haze. A touch unknown. Half exposed, The darkness continues Beyond the curtains. What caused this stir? Life lived with her? Synapses fired me To a stooped attention. I did not see her face. It was, The after, That brought me here. Weeping Into, the silence Broken, By … Continue reading A Whimper – June 20, 2019

Shake – June 10, 2019

Drifting, As the cloud Passes by. The bird teetering Through the breeze. The gentle shake that comes From the leaves, Soothes the aching soul. Unopened eyes, And rambling To the melody Sung. Refuge found In everything That was, And is to come. But right now, As the clouds stand still In their place. Birds chirping … Continue reading Shake – June 10, 2019

Join Me – May 8, 2019

Come, join me. Let’s drown in sadness. Sulk in the fluid river of tears. Swim in the lakes of our demise. Flirt with what’s coming. Take my hand, join me. In this beautiful dance, But before you do Grab ahold of something That will pull you up, Remind you, You are still alive.

The Forgotten, Then Remembered – April 9, 2019

The forgotten, then remembered Hits you hard the second time ‘round, Unprepared and snoring. The forgotten, then remembered Sends bubbles cutting through the surface, We've all been told a watched pot never boils. The forgotten, then remembered Scrapes their way into your existence, Then cuts you deep. The forgotten, then remembered Throws a surprise party … Continue reading The Forgotten, Then Remembered – April 9, 2019