Talking to you…1/15/20



As I remember, I was at the kitchen table with the boggle box in front of me. I lifted the lid as the suction held on and slowly released. I had it all set up in no time. My mom and I loved word games, we were going to play. As she was over by the stove, I remember shaking the box and turning over the timer. Words, words, and more words! They were flying onto the paper at a speed I almost couldn’t keep up with. The timer ran out. I announced the end of time. My mom showed up behind my shoulder and read through my list of words, she gave her approval, pointed out a few more as I covered the letters with the lid. I shook it up good, and started another round and then another. I’m not sure how many rounds we played, but I loved it. Funny thing, she wasn’t even playing, just there to witness my words. She was making dinner.

Presence is everything.

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