Shuffle – February 16, 2018

I shuffle through the memories of my past.

As the pages turn, the smell in the air is ripe and bold.

Heavy with the scent of her.

I feel my heart thumping,

The tears start to roll.

Cannot get back what I once had,

I want it so bad.

He sees me suffering, or does he know?

The pain I feel is old, but raw, pink in the center, and cold.

So many minutes taken away.

Why couldn’t she stay?

Her beautiful soul shines through,

I feel it on my fingertips while I shuffle through each page.

Pages and pages to be turned.

Filling my heart with days long ago.

Repeating one thing that I know,

My mom is gone, she has left me for good.

Memories fade, if you let them.

So, hold on tight, and never regret them.

Sometimes I shuffle the pages more,

Sometimes I shuffle them less.

They are always there to help me sort through my mess.

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