Until – April 12,2019

[Your mother died], so what.

Ignore the pain

Push it down

Out of sight

Even for you,

Especially you.


Freedom leaves your spirit.

Left with nothing,

You feel nothing.

Decades keep churning

Looking in from the out.


They show up,

Spicy and hot with flare.

Holding out your hands,

Burning everything you touch.

You’ve come of age, years ago,

But growing up took you forever.


You release yourself.

Throw up your hands,

Feet firmly planted,

Energy pools in your pit.


You explode!

Shouting to no one.

Your voice in the wind.

No longer wallowing,

Wailing in your heart.


You brought it up,


Chewing, clinching,



Life felt safe on the other side.

Glad to see you made it.

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