Until – April 12,2019

[Your mother died], so what. Ignore the pain Push it down Out of sight Even for you, Especially you. Until. Freedom leaves your spirit. Left with nothing, You feel nothing. Decades keep churning Looking in from the out. Until. They show up, Spicy and hot with flare. Holding out your hands, Burning everything you touch. … Continue reading Until – April 12,2019

The Forgotten, Then Remembered – April 9, 2019

The forgotten, then remembered Hits you hard the second time ‘round, Unprepared and snoring. The forgotten, then remembered Sends bubbles cutting through the surface, We've all been told a watched pot never boils. The forgotten, then remembered Scrapes their way into your existence, Then cuts you deep. The forgotten, then remembered Throws a surprise party … Continue reading The Forgotten, Then Remembered – April 9, 2019