Cloaked – May 14, 2019

This family, Is not mine Un-included Far away Distant thought Touches down Separate the pain Packed into boxes The picture drawn Delicate Rage placed  Just out of sight Between the lines Stippled over An artists piece Studied You’ll find me there Emotions checked Hiding inside The beauty drawn On the page  In front of you.

Trees – October 10, 2018

Tossing and turning, Waving and bent. The sensation is freeing. Stretching as far as your eye will take you. Flittering as the wind flops Front to back. Whooshing in synchrony, The tippy tops. I lose myself in blowing trees, Endlessly Whirling away. Where ever your subconscious takes you.

Flood – March 21, 2019

The water lurches onto the land, Suffocating everything it covers. A blanket of beauty, twinkling as the sun bounces it’s rays, shimmering along it’s path. Underneath this mysterious enigma, it shields the unknown and invisible. The constant movement, flowing to nowhere. Just keeps going, And moving, And smothering under the blanket of beauty, always glistening. … Continue reading Flood – March 21, 2019