Flood – March 21, 2019

The water lurches onto the land,

Suffocating everything it covers.

A blanket of beauty, twinkling as the sun bounces it’s rays, shimmering along it’s path.

Underneath this mysterious enigma, it shields the unknown and invisible.

The constant movement, flowing to nowhere.

Just keeps going, And moving, And smothering under the blanket of beauty, always glistening.

Not a soul sees the truth of the matter.

Disguised by the dancing lights mesmerizing performance.

Do you feel the torment it cages?

Like a rabid dog, howling at anything it sees, which is nothing at all.

Dive in and search for the unheard, save the lost and nameless stranger.

Swim it to the surface.

Make it seen.

Let it’s cries be heard.

And then, give it time to nurture itself back to health.

Claim your good deed, and never stop searching for the clandestine.

Could you save a soul, hidden in plain sight?

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