Painsanity – May 16, 2019

Falling to my knees,

Heavy and hard.

Breath puffs forcefully 

Between my lips.

Chest is now empty,

A nothingness surrounds me.

My tears don’t wait.

Sheets of water

Stream down each cheek.

The dust quickly shifts to dirt.

It splatters onto

My already stained shorts.

Panting ensues,

I grab at my neck.

A primal need for air.

Breathe, I tell myself,

You want to breathe.

My thoughts get in the way

As the constant flow 

Is now forming puddles at my knees.

Collapsing at the waist,

Palms splashing wetness high into the air.

The coolness jolts me upright.

Covered in muddy droplets,

I think to myself

How ridiculous I must look.

For that instant,

I am free of the pain

That brought me to my knees.

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