Hold My Hand – May 12, 2018

The sky slurs awake,

As the day begins.

My eyes creep open.

This weight

From years gone by,

Alone and heavy.

You never visit me while I sleep,

But surround me in sorrow

In my waking hour.

On edge.

Inhales shallow.

Eyes swollen.

Unnumbered hours

Have passed me by

Without the scent of you.

Today it’s strong,

I can’t escape

each thought you bring.

My heart, pulling at my chest

As it is hard to catch my breath

Between gasps for air.

So many questions lost

In the wake of life.

I miss you so very much.

An eternity passed

Becomes blurred and drawn out

With each departing minute.

In the end, the sun decides to sink.

Darkness lulls my slumber.

Maybe tonight, you’ll hold my hand.

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