Why. – March 18, 2019

They didn’t let me stay, 

but I didn’t ask.

They told me to hug her, 

but I hesitated.

They told me it was time to go, 

but I didn’t know where.

They told me she died, 

But I didn’t let myself feel anything.

They had a funeral, 

But I didn’t cry.

They stopped talking about her, 

But I did too.

They moved on, 

but I held on.

They assumed I came with, 

But I hid in the dark.

They let time pass,

But I remembered.

They acted as if she never was, 

But I called out her name.

They stayed silent,

But I spoke up.

They’ll never really know,

But I always have.

I was just a kid,

And I am stronger than they think.

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