Talking to you…Nice to finally meet you 8/3/19

So far, I’ve mostly let you piece me together, or make up your own mind. Sometimes creating someone else’s story is so much more fun. So, if you’re satisfied with what you know, I’d stop reading this post now. But if curiosities killed the cat, then here we go... I am not good at owning … Continue reading Talking to you…Nice to finally meet you 8/3/19

Hold My Hand – May 12, 2018

The sky slurs awake, As the day begins. My eyes creep open. This weight From years gone by, Alone and heavy. You never visit me while I sleep, But surround me in sorrow In my waking hour. On edge. Inhales shallow. Eyes swollen. Unnumbered hours Have passed me by Without the scent of you. Today … Continue reading Hold My Hand – May 12, 2018

I Am My Own Mother – October 1, 2018

I adjudicated to my dad The role of a lifetime, Mom. The sentence I handed down embroiled, Year after suffocating year. Waiting patiently, at the end of my fallacy, He was not a she. I created a character that did not exist. The assigned persona was destroyed. The fruition hit hard After all these years. … Continue reading I Am My Own Mother – October 1, 2018

Jasmine – April 26, 2019

I don’t remember when her scent changed from jasmine to hospital musk. She brought it home with her, And gently dressed in it. Until the end of time. The lines are blurred. There must have been a moment, I do not recount. Erased by the tick of the second hand, Another setting sun. The silence … Continue reading Jasmine – April 26, 2019

Until – April 12,2019

[Your mother died], so what. Ignore the pain Push it down Out of sight Even for you, Especially you. Until. Freedom leaves your spirit. Left with nothing, You feel nothing. Decades keep churning Looking in from the out. Until. They show up, Spicy and hot with flare. Holding out your hands, Burning everything you touch. … Continue reading Until – April 12,2019

The Bud Pops – April 9, 2019

As the branch bends, The bud pops. I slide down each arm of life, Stopping. Breathing in it’s new beginning. The old stem has come back, alive. Once again Anew with joy Perky toward the sky. I linger Hoping It’s vitality Will seep into me. As the bud pops, I smell sweet life Fresh in … Continue reading The Bud Pops – April 9, 2019

The Forgotten, Then Remembered – April 9, 2019

The forgotten, then remembered Hits you hard the second time ‘round, Unprepared and snoring. The forgotten, then remembered Sends bubbles cutting through the surface, We've all been told a watched pot never boils. The forgotten, then remembered Scrapes their way into your existence, Then cuts you deep. The forgotten, then remembered Throws a surprise party … Continue reading The Forgotten, Then Remembered – April 9, 2019