Dear Daughter – June 4, 2019

Your light,

Has brought me back

To were I left



Lying in the dust

Blowing away

Grain by grain.


Your light,

Brings me

Right here,

And now,

Tied to then.


Your light,

Let’s me see

Through to my heart


Where I have been hiding

Like an angry child,



Your light,

Opens my doors

Closed long ago

To the possibilities

That could be.


Your light,

Let’s me love

Sweet and tender,

With everything I am

And everything she was.


Your light,

Brings me here

Where I need to be.




All that was

And now is.


Your light,

Has saved me

From the depths.

Where I

could not tread alone.


Your light,

Gives me hope

And joy

To be the person

I am just now becoming.

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