The Breeze Blows By – August 16, 2019

Alive and soft

Over my skin.

In my mouth,

She swirls

And pushes.

Brushing down my arm,

Letting me feel the secrets

Of her journey

Comforting the past.

My cheeks and lips

Perk up to feel the love.

I breath her in,

Fresh dirt and bumble bees.

A lull lures me

To listen,

Chirping and clanking.

The distant trill

Of a semi motoring on.

A sudden gust forces a gulp

It sends the farm down the way

Gyring by.

Reminding me

There will always be

A calm

As I feel Life

When I close my eyes,

As the breeze blow by.

9 thoughts on “The Breeze Blows By – August 16, 2019

      1. Aw, thanks so much! Funny story, I used to say cool beans so much I made a wooden sign in woodworking class in middle school that said cool beans ❤️😂! Thanks for the memory, and definitely cool beans 😆!

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