Quicksand – November 22, 2019

I pull the weight

Hand over hand

To get to you

Slung over my shoulder

Curled toward the ground

I lean in to my own strength

The tips of my fingers pulsing

The pressure of the rope

Strangling any kind of purpose

Used to move forward

Feet and hands, hands and feet

Scurrying, grasping and sliding

Becoming motionless,

One last gulp

And swallowed

When you find me, rope in hand

You will know I tried and never gave up

4 thoughts on “Quicksand – November 22, 2019

      1. Actually yes, I think you’re right there. Although, I have to say your line ‘You will know I tried and never gave up’ is possibly the saddest thing I’ve read for a while.
        You outshine my ramblings completely 🖤

        Liked by 1 person

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