Broken – June 10, 2020

You’re right

It all stems from my mom dying

Every single moment of each day

I cannot escape this fact

Things stare me down

My mom died

This is who I am

My mom died

I have always been

My mom died


I guess it’s fair to say

I am only

Just now

Letting you see

The broken

Part of me

6 thoughts on “Broken – June 10, 2020

    1. I understand 💔…it’ll be thirty years in July since my mom went away. To hear her voice would be…well I almost can’t imagine…but my heart would probably burst. It’s been so long for me, I don’t hear her voice anymore, I just feel her in my heart, and that is how I listen. Weird, but it’s all I have. Hugs to you, just close your eyes and listen. I think we’ll always feel them there ♥️

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