I Will – February 10, 2019

As the suns rays prepare to leave this Earth, I feel closest to her.

As the suns rays prepare to leave this Earth, I feel closest to her

I sit, cozy, crossed legged and tucked underneath.

I listen to their distant voices dancing back and forth, my life is still.

One yells out, MOM!

I am quick to answer back.


He has moved on to his next task, focus has overshadowed his need.

Minutes passed, his voice again.


A child never stops calling.

As the second splits, my minds eye begs the question,

Did I ever call out for my mom? Did she answer back? Was I silent to her presence as he is to mine?

Something shifted.

Did I notice the silence, that first day, when I called out to her?

There was no one to answer, no one to hear this small voice.

Did I continue to call out for her?

Disappearing into my own escape.

My tears screamed for her.

As the time surrendered no peace to my heart, my one wish is to hear her answer in my dreams.

I fear my escape has taken that away from me forever.

No. This once unheard voice has grown.

I will speak of her, I will remember her, and I will dream of her one day.

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