Suppress – August 16, 2019

Suppress me,

You don’t want to dress me

With all my wounds.


One day you’ll find me erased

And wonder why

You never saw me fly.


Inside a flash,

I learned

To be who you wanted.

I played the game right

Everything stayed the same,

Because I didn’t put up a fight.


Pulling down bits of myself

Thrown all over, askew.

All you missed out on,

Playing the game for who?


Picking up the pieces

To what I should have become,

Just beginning to unfold the creases

And everything ceases.


I see what you wanted now,

Even if unintentionally.

You blindsided me

With all your fake glee.


My eyes are wide open

To see what they see.

I’m starting to agree,

Most complacently.


I’ve always held the key

It’s been sitting in the lock, idly.

One twist of my wrist, and

You’ll no longer suppress me.

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