Talking to you…Somewhat Ironic 8/11/19

A couple days after I wrote these words... ~~~ Cant let go, Can’t go back, Can’t move forward. ~~~ I was reminiscing this afternoon, because what else do you do on a Sunday, and remembered this... ~~~ In the middle of a conversation He got up and walked away. Because, he says, “I get over … Continue reading Talking to you…Somewhat Ironic 8/11/19

Talking to you…The Herd 8/9/19

My thought bubble just burst... It is not you, against the world. Last time I checked, the world didn't know your name. It’s big, you’re small. A speck of dust in the wind. That’s how much power you contain. ~~~ Unless, The world opens up And swallows whole One person’s Chant Their absolute rant. Then … Continue reading Talking to you…The Herd 8/9/19

Petrified Soul – July 22, 2019

Revolving, echoing The beauty sustained, In lifetimes lived. Housed in this small Vessel from the earth. Cradled, since forever. No worries or discomfort. Raw edges Basking in the ground Waiting it’s turn To be seen. Plucked from it’s burrow, Fully exposed, Bringing life, Once again, To what’s already dead.