Oblivious – April 30, 2020

Don’t go Don’t drift away Stay ~~~ It’s been too long Far, far too long ~~~ Would it have mattered The innocence it took The ugliness it planted ~~~ To have screen shots stuck In my head ~~~ Of the things I’ve seen Things I’ve witnessed ~~~ Long before I knew where it would end … Continue reading Oblivious – April 30, 2020

Divided We All Must Stand Together – April 18, 2020

Twirl your finger Up, up and away Flicking it over here Or maybe over there Back and forth This then that You can't be wrong When you're always right Speak out Both sides of your mouth Listen to me Listen to them Enough. Lower your voice With a finger Pointing trite-ly in your face Shouting … Continue reading Divided We All Must Stand Together – April 18, 2020

The Voice in my Head – April 10, 2020

The run off Disregarded Obsolete Frantic Heart racing Borderline Losing their shit Trying to understand The reason why It’s not that simple Deeper than we thought Gross Molding Fermenting Gurgling up And out Sicker to my stomach Than I’ve ever been Doing and doing The words are all lost Sprinkled And fallen Brought nowhere Until … Continue reading The Voice in my Head – April 10, 2020

Talking to you…water 4/9/20

I hope you don’t mind, Charlypriest... This feels like a story, an intense affair with crying. It was awhile ago, and birthed in the comments back and forth between the two of us...strangers and it meant nothing...but seems to be so much more. I couldn’t let it go. A song was shared: Addict With a … Continue reading Talking to you…water 4/9/20

Rhetorical Past – January 29, 2020

What if... Pictures were never hung Because they knew They’d have to be taken down ~~~ What if... closets were cleaned out Only to make room for another ~~~ What if... Tears were hidden Out of kindness To protect the ones you love most ~~~ What if... Words were never shared And years were lost … Continue reading Rhetorical Past – January 29, 2020

Where Your Green Eyes Grow – March 11, 2020

Your green eyes Are what I remember Lost In the forests I’ve wandered The wildflowers Still bloom But you Are not here to see them I follow the rocky path Stepping on stones Feeling the cold waters Rush between my toes Flirting Distracting me From finding you ~~~ If I could only Return To where … Continue reading Where Your Green Eyes Grow – March 11, 2020